Chapter 7 (Li)

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* The story is read via alternating perspectives between Zhang and Li.

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Chapter 1 (Zhang)

Dong Ying, Anhu County

“The river moon rises in the sky, casting its forlorn gaze on the shore. A lone figure sits there, watching the vast emptiness. His face– a mask of sorrow for the one he loves–“

A fan smacked the table causing the speaker to stop abruptly. A girl wearing pearl-colored silk shook her head disapprovingly, “Ai ya, Huang-mei! You sound like a pining, weeping lover. This subject has been written multiple times.”

Indignantly, the speaker in ocher silk retorted, “This piece is homage to Dong Chi’s works! Surely you knew that, Fang-jie!”

“You need to develop your own style to reach his level of fame!” Fang Lihua retorted, brushing her comment off. “At this rate, you are a naive duckling following its mother.”

I watched the girls’ bickering. Hiding an amused smile, I whispered to my older companion, Ren Wenling, who was seated beside me. “It is always like this between those two.” Continue reading