The illusion of peace is shattered for the residents of Dong Ying on one fateful night, when the cogs of a near-forgotten legend begin to turn. Two young women whose paths were never meant to cross find their stories slowly begin to intertwine as they are challenged by assassins and demons in this new world. Can Zhang Huizhong, a noble with a stubborn streak, and Li Chunfeng, a bandit with a penchant for erupting, unravel this centuries old legend before it consumes the lives of their loved ones – and that of Weiguang Kingdom?

The story is also being updated simultaneously on Wattpad.

About the Authors

Taki and Xingqun are an odd-ball writing duo. Collectively, we are known as Xingki.

Taki Taki is the brains of the operation. As the master of dialogue and scenarios, she comes up with schemes to “torture” our characters whether it be through a battle or a heated argument.

Weapon of choice: Wits

Taki means “waterfall.”

Xingqun Xingqun is the web master and artist. She follows the whims of her co-author as faithfully as possible. Here and there she tries to put some humor into the story.

Weapon of choice: Charm

Xingqun means “star constellation.”


Thank you to our friends and family for encouraging us to write. Thank you beta reader, Suzu, for editing and providing suggestions on the story material. Thank you web*citron and Mitsurin Search Project for web materials.