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Main Characters

Zhang Huizhong
Eldest daughter of Official Zhang Chanming. She wields dual blades following the Ren style but her stubbornness may be the stronger weapon.

Li Chunfeng
A fiery-tempered sorceress of the slums. She leads a rag-tag band of beggars, bandits, and outcasts from the high society.

The Chengxiang
The highest ranking official in the Emperor’s court whose influence is greater than one can imagine.

Li Tiexin
A mysterious young man capable of wielding the element Metal. He wears a white owl mask.

Supporting Characters

Zhang Household

Zhang Chanming, father of Huizhong and Huiliang & head of treasury, taxation and agriculture
Zhang Huiliang, youngest daughter of Official Zhang
Wei Lanfang, loyal servant of Huizhong since childhood

Li Chunfeng’s Household/Gang

Chen Qiuhuo, Li’s most trusted friend and “little sister.”
Zhu Xiaolong, a rather chubby child who happens to be talented at manipulating Earth. His left eye is an odd silvery white.
Jiang Jiedao, a thief who has been rehabilitated. Now serves as an errand boy. Has considerable skill with knife-play.
Guan Jintou, a former rival gang leader who came to respect Li. His gang and Li’s get along well. He and his wife, Yinguang, run the inn in the city.
Yu Jianning, Guan Jintou’s best friend.
Huang Shenlin & Lanlan, a couple who were saved from bandits a few years before the beginning of the story. They are skilled in medicinal arts and run the traditional medicine shop adjacent to the inn. They have an older daughter, Meiyu, and a younger son, Gaoan.

High Society

Shen Mingzhi, son of Official Shen


Black Owl, leader of the Imperial Owls who wears a black owl mask
Imperial Owls, a group of skilled individuals wearing black robes and owl masks

Masters & Teachers

Ren Hongqi, master swordsman of the Ren style of swordscraft (Dancing Sparrows)
Huang Zhiyuan, owner of Meihua Chaguan

Ren-shifu’s Disciples

Liu Ganzorig (“steel courage”), a young man of Khitan descent who specializes in falconry, horsemanship, archery, and the use of sabers. He has a hunting eagle named Gerel.
Xuan An, a young woman from the neighboring county who wields hu tou gou (tiger hook swords)

Eagle Peak Monastery

* Yijian, a monk who performed rites at Zhang Huiliang’s funeral and a Wood User
* Fuxin, a loyal acolyte who has a penchant for mischief at times


Governor Yu Renshu, current governor of Dong Ying
Lin Hongye, a leader of the bamboo gang
Tianying, acting leader of the mercenaries
Qingyu, a beautiful, exotic-looking woman who seems to have strong ties to Xiaolong’s past
Yuwen Xiang, a nobleman from the capital

Minor Characters


* Tong, owner of Lao Tong’s Bakery
* Physician Qu, personal physician of Zhang Huizhong
* Teacher Ming, a kindly monk who runs a school for disadvantaged children

Meihua Chaguan

* Jiang, errand boy
The Literati Girls:
* Huang Meilin, the youngest (not related to Huang Zhiyuan), daughter of a lesser noble family
* Fang Lihua, the most opinionated (same age as Zhang Huiliang), daughter of a local magistrate and granddaughter of Governor Yu
* Ren Wenling, the kindest and oldest of the group, daughter of the supervisor of records in the court office and niece to a certain martial artist

Zhang Household and Extended Family

* Lady Zhang, wife of Official Zhang and Huizhong’s mother
* Liang Mu, Huizhong’s uncle and oldest brother of Lady Zhang. He resides in Weian.
* Kang, head maid of Zhang Huizhong’s mother
* Mei, one of the maids at the Zhang household

Shen Household

Official Shen Xiaobo, father of Shen Mingzhi and head civil matters in Dong Ying
* Lady Shen, wife of Official Shen
* Shen Yang, daughter of Official Shen

Slum Dwellers

* Wu, the owner of a hostel near New Market Street
* Zhao, a blacksmith
* The orphans: Xiaoxing, Xiaoyue, Xiaoyang

Gang Members

* Those originally part of Li’s gang: Hongmei, Lvhu, Tingshan
* Those originally part of Guan’s gang: Shunfeng, Liulang, Shunzi, Fanfan

Ren-shifu’s Academy

* Lao Ma, a middle-aged man who is the steward of Ren-shifu’s household. He, his wife, and his son manage the household affairs.

Eagle Peak Monastery

* Venerable Dongguan, the zhuchi of the monastery
* Zhiguan, a teacher of the beginning class at the monastery


* Choejor, a friendly sentry